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The peninsula and the Great South Atlantic offer you multiple activities to spend a dream detox vacation. Between Ocean, Lagoon and Desert, there is something for all tastes and all ages. Sports or idleness, walks, discoveries, encounters with other lifestyles ... The landscapes are magnificent, the nature of unspoiled beauty, the immensity of the virgin spaces seem endless. Zen is everywhere, you can recharge your batteries like nowhere else.


Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Paddle

With its crystal clear turquoise waters and the desert in the background, the peninsula is an idyllic spot for board sports.

The biggest windsurfers come to train in Dakhla because the sensations are really unique. This spot is also ranked 2nd in the World, just after Hawaii.

The bay is the privileged place for kitesurfing and paddle. Regular wind and shallow depth of the lagoon welcome beginners and delight the most experienced.

On the Atlantic coast, the swell most often arrives between September and May with regular heights of 2 meters.

Several water sports schools are present on the peninsula and the "Surf Spirit" is everywhere!





The very fishy waters of Dakhla are a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. (Pageot Royal, Sar, Daurade, Loup, and the delicious Courbine weighing up to 80 kg). Happiness in XXL size: catch your fish and taste it as soon as you get home at BAVARO BEACH.





Huge, sublime beaches: La Dune blanche, Puerto Rico, Trout Beach across from Dragon Island. Each one of a breathtaking beauty offers you its share of small treasures: White sand, shells, fiddler crabs, geological curiosities ... The coast is also punctuated by wonderful small wild and intimate coves.

Meet bottlenose dolphins, witness the flight of flamingos, have the chance to spot orcas and sea turtles ...

Go on an excursion in the desert, marvel at the colors of the Sahara, take the steps of the nomads, meet herds of dromedaries, sip a Sahrawi tea, bivouac under the stars, ...






Dakhla is a welcoming city where you can stroll, with excellent restaurants, colorful markets full of beautiful fresh products. Fashions victims will find their happiness at the Center artisanal which notably offers very beautiful ethnic chic jewelry. At the end of the afternoon the ledge lights up and it is time for family walks in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.





Jet Ski and Quad, Catamaran ride, canoeing, cycling. Fish pedicure in the natural pools of the Imlili wetland, Rio del Oro ecological sand golf course, Ostrich farm, Oyster parks, showers of sulphurous water at the Asmaa spa, ...

And also :

Dakhla's Mer et Désert festival and international surfing competitions

Without forgetting :

the activities offered by BAVARO BEACH, such as Yoga, massages and others, depending on the season.





Maximum average temperatures range from 22 ° C to 27 ° C. Average annual precipitation is 33 mm and is spread over 17 days per year on average.